Infection Control System

The Infection Control Robot is an autonomous system that automatically disinfects designated areas based on pre-programmes. It represents cutting edge technology to minimise HAI’s (hospital acquired infections).  It can integrate one or more of three disinfection methods: ultraviolet, vaporized hydrogen peroxide, and air filtration. It boasts autonomous navigation technology and autonomous movement.

Hospital staff apply the most appropriate disinfection mode according to different scenarios or requirements, ensuring staff & patient safety.

Customisable settings means regular, efficient and accurate disinfection and epidemic prevention in indoor environments within one or more rooms or departments or complex building layouts.

Operating room disinfection program

With the operational demands and varied layouts of todays operating rooms, numerous surfaces can escape disinfection.

The disinfection robot can be used as a carrier to integrate three kinds of disinfection and sterilization methods such as ultraviolet rays, ultra-dry mist hydrogen peroxide, and air filtration.

By setting the robot in an empty operating theatre you achieve disinfection of air & surfaces and reduced risk of HAI’s. The intelligent disinfection robot can strengthen the standardized management of disinfection, automatically calculate the disinfection time according to the space area, and automatically perform 360° dead angle disinfection around the disinfection target to achieve high level disinfection.

Isolation Ward Disinfection Program

The autonomous disinfection robot represents a solution for sanitising isolation wards, where blood, fluids and excreta of patients present a risk of contagion.

The Disinfection robot can be used as an extra measure in preventing cross-infection among patients and occupational protection of medical staff.

The Intelligent Disinfection Robot can completely eliminate pathogens, achieve all-round disinfection with no dead-spots on objects, furniture, surfaces, air, and hospital beds. It significantly improves the level of infection prevention and control in hospitals, establishing a safe and healthy medical and working environment for patients and medical staff. Examples of areas where it can be used are: negative pressure isolation ward / infectious ward, intensive care units (ICU).





Laboratory / Clean Room Disinfection

The Disinfection robot can be deployed in laboratories and other clean areas out of hours, when unmanned to ensure all areas are disinfected.

Any combination of ultraviolet, ultra-dry mist hydrogen peroxide, and air filtration can be applied to achieve this.

It ensures a sanitised, contaminant free environment and helps protect staff from risk of exposure to pathogens.