MedAssyst is a trading name of Shuntech Medical Group Co Ltd. The name MedAssyst was adopted to reflect the focus in medical service products.

The business is part of a multifaceted organisation which has businesses in healthcare, food, property domestic and retail, which, in turn is part of a larger holding company.

In China the holding company owns one of the largest distributors of medical devices and are a major supplier of renowned medical technology brands from across the globe

In the UK & Europe, the aim is to provide innovation from other parts of the world which have been proven in hospitals & healthcare settings to enhance efficiency and safety. Simultaneously, the holding company exports products from UK and European – based companies to China, representing a ‘win-win’ of trade and innovation.

MedAssyst was established in the UK to meet the growing demand for automation via AI and robotics in healthcare. Technology already applied and established in other sectors. MedAssyst brings to you a series of solutions that enhances efficiency and safety within your hospital. The future is now.

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